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soapboxfelonies's Journal

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h e l l o!


I'm Janay. I'm very zealous and silly and also quite bad at writing these info things, in case you could not tell. I enjoy literature, music, and school, oddly enough. Learning is fun! Haa. I have been playing the cello going on six years now and starting this fall I will be a Madrigal, which is exciting, although very unexpected. My passion in life is theater, and I sincerely hope that I will be successful in my pursuit of it. I really can't see myself doing anything else. If I fail though, I suppose I will revert back to one of the other things in life I enjoy, which are many. Perhaps I will be a professor, or a chemist, or a pit musician! The possibilities! Anyways, I try to be a good friend and I have been blessed with quite a few amazing ones, who incredibly put up with me day in and day out. I'm very ambitious, obnoxious, awkward, I fail at commenting people back, and I am constantly making references. I know I am very far from perfect, but I am working on it! Friend me if you like. I am open to meeting new people. : D

Girl. Junior. Brunette. Sagittarius. Bookish. Grammar nazi. Barista. 5'1. Nearsighted.


Patrick Wolf. Rilo Kiley. Feist. Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins. Regina Spektor. Damien Rice. Stars. The Beatles. The Libertines. Death Cab for Cutie. Desaparecidos. Sleater-Kinney. Cat Power. The Secret Handshakes. Sufjan Stevens. Sigur Ros. Bjork. PJ Harvey. Andrew Bird. The Arcade Fire. Shiny Toy Guns. Ben Kweller. Tegan & Sara. Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Sean Lennon. Fall Out Boy. Wilco. Elliot smith. She Wants Revenge. Belle & Sebastian. Carl Barat. Arctic Monkeys. Daphne Loves Derby. Imogen Heap. Mystery Jets. Beck. Billie Holiday. Josh Groban. John Radin. Conor Oberst. Broken Social Scene. Neutral Milk Hotel. Midlake. Metric. The Cardigans. The Academy is. Postal Service. Of Montreal. Decemberists. Mirah. The Format. Missy Elliot. Psapp. Oceansize. Wolf Parade. Camera Obscura. The Killers. Goldfrapp. The Faint. Dirty Pretty Things. Clinic. Maria Taylor. Lily Allen. Owen Pallet/ Final Fantasy. I Am X. Musicals. Swanky french music.

Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings. Shoebox Project. Heroes. House MD. The Office. Gilmore Girls. Mugglecast. Eternal Sunshine. Jenny Lewis. Drew Barrymore. House. So You Think You Can Dance? Pride & Prejudice. The Hills. Spiderman. Pirates of the Caribbean. Zac Efron. Elijah Wood. Alexis Bledel. Heroes. Milo Ventimiglia.


Ron/Hermione. Remus/Sirius. House/Cuddy. Snape/Lily. James/Lily. Cedric/Cho. Rory/Jess. Jim/Pam. Dwight/Angela. Aragorn/Arwen. House/Wilson. Chuck/Sarah. Team Awesome.

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